Sur base d’un briefing qui tient en une ligne « Connect P&G, the corporation, to the Olympics. » Et pour sa deuxième vague, voici ce que Wieden+Kennedy a produit.

Pour ceux qui ne s’en souviennent plus, voici la première vague qui date des derniers Jeux Olympiques:

A la base de cette réflexion, l’agence c’est posée les questions suivantes:

We asked ourselves the obvious question:
What in the world does P&G, the corporation, and its 34 participating brands, such as Crest, Pampers, Tide, Pantene and Bounty, have to do with the athletes of the Olympic Games?

The honest answer:
NOTHING. P&G is not in the business of helping athletes be better athletes.

What is the honest connection between P&G and the Olympics?
Moms. P&G is in the business of helping moms. Every Olympic athlete has a mom. What she’s done to enable and empower her son or daughter to make it to the Olympics is just as impressive as what it takes to be an Olympic athlete. We were going to celebrate this fact, which meant we were going to celebrate moms.


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