Cette semaine, avait lieu, le traditionnel UBA Trends Day avec son lots de presentations inspirantes. Pour en faire un résumé original, j’ai décidé de partager avec vous les meilleurs punchlines de la journée !



Jeffrey Hayzlett

“Don’t fear to ask help in these times of changes”

“If you want to run with the big dogs you have to learn to pee in the tall grass”

“As marketeers, when we make a mistakes no one dies !
Take risk, we are not surgery specialist !”

“Clowns lies, they are evil !”



Nick Manning

“Ad blocking is the Napster of today and we need to create the iTunes”

“Ad blocking is not “the problem to be fixed” but the start of a trend: consumer-driven regulations”



Thomas Kolster


“Youtube preroll – The only thing people watch is the skip button”




Peter Hinssen

“Confidence is what you have before understanding the problem”

“In the silicon valley, If you don’t have a garage you are a looser”

“2 times on 5 we check our mobile, it’s to check a Facebook platform”



Maarten AlbardaMaarten

“With all these datas how did we evolve from mesurable to miserable ?”

“The best way to turn $1 into 25c? Spend it on advertising”






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